Love has no other desire but to fulfill itself – The prophet on Love

When we love someone we think there are two players. But we forget that there is a third strong player. That is love itself. Love is that force that brought me and the other person together. Love has an agenda of its own and transforming two individuals that’s us, is it’s agenda. The magic of the transformation lies in how two people create new identities for each other, yet maintaining their individuality.

We are mere players. We are ingredients in the kitchen of Love. It works on us to produce a new and transformed substance altogether. 

What movies and books have taught us to understand love is the physiological response to the emotional transformation. In that manner, we have a very restricted interpretation of love. But what is more ecstatic is not what we see and realize then but the intrinsic shift in our existence. Probably that is why when we truly love someone and invest ourselves thoroughly in the process, we say ‘it moved me from within’.

Love is like the efficient project manager who picks the right team members no doubt, but the goal is not to emphasize on how wonderfully or miraculously the teammates were picked amongst a thousand others. The goal is the project manager’s vision of a successful target achievement.

We contribute to the fulfillment of love but we have nothing more than that at stake. When that sinks in, we will realize that the true meaning of love is not holding someone in captivity but rejoicing in the nothingness of it!

In essence, love is the ultimate liberation we yearn for! 


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