Dirty media

We believe that we have improved and come a long way from where we were a decade or two around. We control the world with our internet accessibility and a small screen that has almost become a part of our everyday being. That which we have think has made us so empowered and civilized is infact a big question in itself. There were probably more people reading books over watching youtube videos, fewer news channels that showed unbiased content than a multitude of channels that telecast their own opinion than what the truth calls for. It is sad to see how regressive the soaps are that our television channels showcase at prime times. There is always a woman crying or three people fixed in a triangular love story. Infact, everything seems to boil down to one thing and tell us time and again that there can be nothing more essential than romance in one’s life. And all that a person should ever aspire is a cheesy partner and fairy-tale like situations. Rain at the right time oblivious to the season it is, people who will always be at home with no considerations about work, money and livelihood. Or the other end of the spectrum is filled with people who always adorn the combination of arrogance and money. Everything is so perfect that somewhere down the lane even we have started aiming for perfection in the bad way. Just like we want that dress to be perfect, that hairstyle to be up to the mark, loads of money and yet stick to the so called family values. It seems like the world around us have become so farce and clogged with stupidity that now it is difficult to breathe.

When was the last time you picked up a book instead of the remote. When was the last time you opted to go to a museum rather than a movie? That does not necessarily mean that there is lack of options. Truth is we have so many options that much of it is just useless. I don’t advocate that movies are bad. It is the content that is so toxic that bothers me. To top it, the way we judge someone who is not much into movies or well aware of the ‘trends’ that is so obnoxious. Media today is trying in so many ways to teach it’s own version of what is right. In the due process we have changed and tampered some great words like feminism, productivity and self esteem!

We have trained ourselves to see the shine than the depth of a matter. And just within a few years I am afraid we are going to be beauty without brains. Look around you to see the plethora of avenues that you have at your disposal. Bored to read a book? Hear someone read it out for you. Better yet, (not in my opinion though) listen to a book in brief that according to the marketers allow you to read three books in a day. Wow! Watch documentaries that has some take for you by the end of it. Continue listening to good music. Appreciate the knowledge of the artist behind the work. Cultivate a hobby that makes you better than what you were an year earlier. Listen to podcasts, my personal favorites for travels. Invest the money that you would otherwise in cosmetics in audio or physical books. They are keepers! See the screen less as far as you can and try writing a journal as regularly as possible. And as silly as it may sound remind yourself that satiating the hunger of your soul is more important than the hunger of your eyes.

keep growing and keep loving!

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