I’m scared!

Very soon my life is going to take so many new ways and my journey is going to see many new stations. It makes me a bit dizzy and then I just black out. Oh no! It’s happening again. Fear is up in my throat and I can feel the heat in my eyes. I’m scared. I am just too scared!

Growing up so much more than what I thought it was. When I was a kid I thought growing up was the answer to all of my problems. No homework to do, no school that would keep me grounded for five hours everyday and absolutely no exams! It’s now that I realize all of these are going to be there, just that it is going to be called something new. Homeworks would be called assignments. School would be called office and exams would be called interviews and subsequently appraisals. Ah! that’s making me go dizzy again. How am I supposed to take them all into my system when I don’t know if I am really ready. ¬†Maybe you are not meant to be ready and achieve perfection every time. Because sometimes doing it is more important that doing it perfect. I suppose best things in our lives come that way. Boom! ¬†There they are when you least expect it. Like an exam you cleared of which you had least hopes, a job interview you got through at a company you went into with surety that oh man I am going to screw it! And of course love. That one is too good at emerging from nowhere. Just when you thought the rest of your life was stuck at the place your are living right now, you get signs from the cosmos that there might be a change in the cards. How is all of that supposed to make you feel?

I don’t know. I am figuring it out myself really. Just when I could see things a bit clearly there is a haze around me. It’s suffocating but I know something nice is going to come out of it. Or maybe to speak the truth, whatever it is, I am going to make it feel good. Isn’t it the way it should be? When big things come by there is bound to be storm as a teaser. Events and consequences are churned out of it and then you find a whole new world waiting. Whatever is in there be determined to grab the best one. Such storms are rare. When it comes by just go for whatever present it has got for you.

New things, people and miracles are all scary. They will freak you out. But remember, something wonderful is coming your way!

Stay happy. Stay committed to doing something new!

Hi I'm Shriya | I blog on stories that inspire, make us smile and get going through all times


Anuradha srinivasan
March 13, 2018 at 4:11 pm

Well expressed. this is what helps, the venting out. May your head be de cluttered soon.this too shall pass. You will be ready I’m no time to handle another bout !!!!

March 16, 2018 at 2:47 pm

Hi darling! Such insightful writing. I love the positivity behind your words.
I really loved this: “Maybe you are not meant to be ready and achieve perfection every time.” I think we all need to be reminded of that sentiment. Keep up the great work, my dear.
~ zz

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