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An introvert’s day out at KalaGhoda Fest

Firstly, a few things about me;

  • As enterprising and enthusiatistic I can be, so can I prove how lazy I am to leave my comfort zone. I may crib about being bored but still hang up my legs across two sofa chairs and endlessly fiddle with the TV remote in my hand.
  • I am a 100% introvert who would any day love to sit at home in my dirty pyjamas that have long become lifeless with faded colours.
  • However, when I have made up mind, I am a badass you don’t want to mess up with!

Having said that, in this blog I want to share snippets of a day when I changed my dirty pyjamas, got into clean white kurtis, adorned ethinic jewellery and set out on a journey of… just timepass!

Being born and raised in Mumbai, I have never visited the much talked about Kala Ghoda fest. So, this year with endless time at my disposal I thought about checking that off my list for once. While 99% of the people at this colourful fest came with some friends/ specials as I may prefer to call, this soul wandered alone and thereby invited many weird ogles. If you are an introvert or know someone who is one very closely, you will understand the level of uneasiness it causes. But I told you, once I make up mind I am adamant!

Life Lessons 101 – People will give you free glances or advices all through your life. Take it. It’s free! Don’t use though. That costs.

I started off with a bag shop that had some wonderful fabric collections. Here is the grey cloth handbag with a leather handle and base, strong enough for a laptop and some miscellaneous stuffs.

Something that I loved a lot was this bangle art created by a software engineer that had an abstract image of a lady. It took some time for me to understand the lady’s formation with all the sunlight lashing out directly onto my eyes. Can you guess how many bangles would have been used to make this?

The items placed at the center of the street were brilliant ideas that were translated into various shapes and forms. The electronic horse, precisely was wonderful. It was a combination of scrap electronics and green upper body. It was titled ‘Disconnect to connect’ to depict the balance to be struck between the digital and real world. What was annoying though was the crazy attitude of people to take selfies with every art from a distance that was explicity denied! It is someone’s effort at creating something wonderful. We need to behave more sensitive towards art.

Moving on to the next purchase, it was again a bags and home decor shop that lured me and I don’t regret, even a tiny bit! Wonderful collection at such amazing prices. But for the kind of sweetest person I am (narcissit alert), I bought a bag for my mother and a small purse for my sister. The lady at the stall was kind enough to give me her card so I can treat myself often. They have an online website too.

website –¬†

Instagram page –¬†


Those who know me well, know that my first love is stationery. When there is a workstation of faber castell with a bunch of colour pencils and a pixel art to colour you just don’t miss the opportunity. Now I am stalking the Kala Ghoda Insta page to see what the final pixel art looks like.


It’s time for some ikkat darling. My new interest is ikkat and have for now decided to hunt for them wherever I can. So, with the pretty ikkat dresses, dupattas, scarfs, blouse pieces and many more I had to pick up something. And here goes the ikkat dupatta!

The last stop. The best stop. Moment of atmost excitement. Just so you know my footwear size is queen of the smallest sizes any shop has and I still buy my footwear from the same shop where I used to get my school shoes. And hence you can imagine my ecstasy when I could find a perfect sized chappals and to top it all I had variety to choose from.

It’s going to be one more year until Kala Ghoda Festival 2019. Till then, keep shopping, stay happy, and go more often on solo dates. Because, you are your best friend!


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