On world mental health day – A note to us all

How come you have such a broad forehead? Do all South Indians have broad foreheads? You are soon going to be bald. You should cut bangs to hide your forehead. 

Why don’t you try braces to set your teeth straight? Each one of them is of different sizes. 

Your lips are so thin. That’s why there is so much gap between your nose and your lips.

Why have you pierced your nose? That is surely going to make you look like an aunty.

Are your parents also short? Or are they normal (!?!?) 

Uff! These are just a few things amongst the many things that come my way. Unfortunately, we live in an age and time where even beauty is defined. In fact, if the truth is said, the beauty of beauty lies in its freedom to be beautiful. Right since childhood, we are shown standards of beauty and perfection. So much of importance is laid upon looks that we end up living a very superficial life. We have long forgotten the art of falling in love with the soul and not the face of people. Leave alone loving others; we have difficulty falling in love with ourselves. Isn’t that sad? The face and body that God has given us are amazing. None of us get to choose our complexion, body frame, hair texture etc. Yet we run to every other spa that promises us to make us look like a catalog model. We pay to be fake! Do we realize the intensity of the situation? 

We need to imbibe certain thoughts deeply into us. Firstly, trends change within a blink of the eye and so will the standards of beauty. If curly hair trends today, straight hair will rule tomorrow. Like even Cinderella had a 12 am cut off time, we too are soon going to face a moment when we have to see ourselves; the true us. So fall in love with whoever you are. Flaunt yourself proudly no matter how crooked your teeth are, how plump you are or however tiny you are compared to your friends. Secondly, people who are not comfortable in their skin are fooling themselves. Don’t make them your role models. Those people are having difficulty loving themselves. So how do you expect such people to approve you? Go ahead and be fearlessly yourself. If you find yourself even remotely comparing yourself with the stupid standards of the society tell yourself that you are absolutely wonderful and there are no second thoughts on that.

Why is it so essential to say these affirmative things to self?

Because sadly we are surrounded by media that’s continuously telling us how some actress’s butt was the right shape or how some man’s beard was the magnet to attract all women to him! However clear you might be in your thoughts, it’s not completely impossible to trip and fall down the rabbit hole of negative thoughts. And so, on this mental health awareness day, I reiterate the fact again to us all (yes, including me) that depression is under our control. We can fight it. We certainly have all it takes to win this battle. So, it’s a simple request to all of you reading this. If you are having difficultly shunning away your bad thoughts aside, seek help. There is nothing less manly or kiddish or lame about it. We all need help sometime or the other. And if you ever find yourself in a position to help someone else, do so without second thoughts. Good deeds come back.

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Anuradha srinivasan
October 11, 2018 at 2:00 am

Proud of your my little goddess!

Vanita Srinivasan
October 11, 2018 at 4:54 am

Lovely message Shriya!
Loved the expression “the beauty of beauty lies in its freedom to be beautiful”!!
God bless u…

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