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Riding life without sign boards

It’s been a long time since I posted anything and I have nothing but lame reasons to offer. I know the number of times I have actually sat down to write something only to end up putting it in the drafts and postponing it for some other day and date. The past month has been somewhat turbulent and too shaky to ride. So, I decided to give myself a little space and time to reconnect to the situation. As I write this I can already feel a sense of burden easing away from my bones and my knuckles releasing those pressures onto the keys. Today as I sit down to write this I do not have anything constructive in mind, so I have decided to go with the flow. Just like I have done the past month. To support my rant I want you to imagine my situation as something similar to a person who is able to see small glimpses of the Himalayan summit only to fall short of oxygen and turn back. But in all fairness as I try to get hold of the reins to my life I see myself constantly asking if what I saw was in fact the summit? Or was it just a boulder look alike?

However, time does not stop and moves on like one arrogant fellow. And trust me, I love him for that. With every rising sun, every passing cloud and every setting ball of fire up in the sky, we heal consciously and unconsciously. Many a times the road ahead is so cloudy and hazy that nothing much can be seen. But situations demand that we drive slowly but continuously. I don’t know what is more a prudent choice; to drive up, or to park you car onto the side and wait aimlessly? What do you do when there are no sign boards on the road but you have to just find your own way back to your destination. No GPS, no one to ask for help. Where from do you gather the strength for perseverance? From within I would say!

People generally say that goal is what keeps you going. But what if the destination itself is blur. Maybe not in the long run but in the short run? At this juncture all I am capable of doing is closing my eyes and trying to find my pole star from the archives of my dreams. The images I imagined of myself, the roads I visualized myself walking, are all that are keeping me on the move. Life is difficult. Isn’t it? But we all just end up surviving anyway in the end.

If there is one thing that I know for sure of myself, of all of us in fact, is that we all have at least one incident that we can look back and remind ourselves ‘If I could get past that, I can do pretty much anything.’ So, it’s essential we dig that incident out once in a while and write down in the notes app of our phones and read it out when required. It’s always time consuming to find motivation outside of one’s own heart. And moreover, there is only so much that you can relate to. It’s easier to open our own book and reread some older chapters. Remember though not to be stuck amongst the chaotic ones. It’s so wonderful to reconnect to ourself and most of the times to our surprise that’s the only solution we need.

I am no life coach. But I have two decades filled with amazing experiences to my credit. If you can be determined in your hardest times to take a cup of tea, sit at a quiet place, calm your mind and think through at your own pace; life is beautiful. And  in case you don’t have what it takes to handle the situation right away, let it guide you through what is meant to be. What has to come will come. All of us have beautiful souls and wonderful lives waiting ahead!

A special message to those who are riding without sign boards; KEEP MOVING. YOU’RE DOING AWESOME.

Let’s spread good vibes only!

Love <3

Hi I'm Shriya | I blog on stories that inspire, make us smile and get going through all times


Anuradha srinivasan
June 21, 2018 at 2:40 pm

Very good . I can see my style
Proud of you my little self !

June 22, 2018 at 7:10 pm

What a beautiful end to my not so good day…! You never miss to brighten me up with your words Shriya…! ❤️ keep Shining

Shanthi Ramachandran
June 24, 2018 at 3:17 am

A much needed advice to the present day people irrespective of age.continue the good job of spreading only positive vibes like your amma,nallade seivom,nallade nadakkum! God bless you da to teach your desired destination with or without keeping sign boards❤️

Vanita Srinivasan
June 24, 2018 at 12:15 pm

Loved reading ur article, Shriya. U write well… in the blood, I guess!
Two lines impressed me a lot-
“anyway, we all end up surviving in the end, someway”…
That is the Essence of life!
“ let’s move on & spread good vibes only”
That is a positive outlook, which helps u steer thru major ups & downs…
With these two major guidelines u’ve realised, I’m sure u’ll reach ur destination & realise ur dreams with ease…
Wishing u a lovely future,

Mahalakshmi N
July 24, 2018 at 10:08 am

Beautifully written…the last few lines are so relatable..keep writing more such blogs
And the phrases too…

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