Summer From My Memory

A summer from my memory touches me on the face,

Like the first rays of sun ; bit warm a bit sharp

From afar I hear a call

Of a small girl that looks like me!

Bit blur to see

Maybe because the sun is too hot with it’s blazing rays

I walk across to her meandering through so many kids ; jumping around , no worries on their face

Light shades of cotton frocks is all I can see ; their sounds have filled my ears

They talk about who hides and who finds ; giggles oh giggles so many of them

A bunch of them are sitting by the shade of the mango tree ; one hits the tree with a stone and down falls a mango

So flush green and big ; What a precision I wonder

And the angry granny from a window behind gives out a loud call

Like honey bees whose comb is hit ; quickly scattered they are all

I can feel a sting in my throat ; summer teaches for sure to know thirst ; to love water

I look around to a find little sip ; there is a girl with tongue so purple

Oh God what is it?

I go near ; she is sucking something that doesn’t look so great

Dirty plastic pouch with ice maybe made from dirty water and purple in colour

She looks at me and offers one with her other hand

Suddenly I know that it was all that I craved when I was young

There is another girl who bites off a corner of that cover to show me how its opened

I do it too ; Oh what a pleasure

I keep walking to the one who called me ; feasting on a little happiness

Finally there I am ; I stretch my hands to hold her

She holds my hand and says “look back”

I do – and I see all the girls all the way here are illusions of me!

My eyes are burning not from the heat

But a summer from my memory!





Hi I'm Shriya | I blog on stories that inspire, make us smile and get going through all times


April 3, 2018 at 7:28 pm

So relatable Shriya..

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