The eerie silence of nothingness

The sun might shine bright. Loud noises from the nearby cafe might pierce your ears hard. The generator in the house may make a constant growling noise. The chimney in the kitchen might make you almost deaf. Yet, in all of these is somewhere hidden the eerie silence of nothingness. It is found to creep out when the mind empties itself of thoughts; when thoughts become a conversation with self.

Noise: What do you make out of it?

I hear a multitude of them. One of my favorites is now, as I type this blog down. The non uniform pace of my typing, the refrigerator running, someone breathing beside me and the occasional chirping of birds. While these are a lot many noises to keep the surrounding happening, there is a strong eeriness of nothingness in my head. A sort of hollow feeling in my head and heart that kind of produces an echo of every thought. One hits another, setting a chain of echoes in motion. You might find it crazy, but I love the depth of it. Imagine this sound of silence to be a big bubble that lets you float around happily and ┬áinvisibly. How would you feel? Wonderful, isn’t it?

Getting into this safety bubble, I would watch myself from today morning as I posed awkwardly under the shade of a tree for a photograph. I would assure myself that it was perfectly fine to take a photograph in a not so scenic surrounding and tell myself that even if someone was watching me, it was perfectly okay. At times, a little narcissism does a great deal of goodness.

As the bubble takes me past some time during the day, I would look at myself talking to my sister about how worried I am about an uncertain future. In that moment of utter anxiety, I would hold my own hand and gently remind how I have won over similar situations in the past. What matters after all is that, the sun is bright today, meaning its a whole new day and a whole new opportunity. To go after one’s dreams is all that is written in the to-do list for the day.

As the bubble brings me back to the wooden chair I am seated in now, I would whisper in my own ears to say an occasional thanks for all that I have. Also, give myself a little reminder to let go of all that slipped out of my hands, and to not hold myself accusingly responsible for it. As the bubble bursts silently, I understand for once that, after all the eerie silence of nothingness is in itself the voice of the soul, talking to you, about you!


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