Who has kept the glass door between us

I cant’t wipe that vapour off

You are so close, yet so far

Yet so mystical, so perfect


We are different with so mich likeness

Through the vapours I see my reflection in you

You have bathed in beauty

Wearing grace like contour

Cheekbone that sparkles

A face without any freckles

A body so much in shape

Neck, a slender canvas

Hips with a sensuos curve

Breasts that accentuate your features

Skin so fair with a buttery glow

Legs that are so lady like

Feet of Oh! so perfect size


Hey you, the ideal self

I gave you my heart to reign

Why have you then descended thy throne

Into this wilderness called reality

You have come wandering

I warn you dear perfection

Here you will find no companion


For here in this wilderness

There shall always be this glass door

With vapour made of reality and meaningless imagination

I can’t wipe that vapour off

Infact, I don’t want to…

Hi I'm Shriya | I blog on stories that inspire, make us smile and get going through all times

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