Who moved my home?

I close my eyes and a movie plays on its own. Where my sister is lying beside me with swollen eyelids indicating good sleep, as I come out of my room I see my beautiful mother draped in her cotton saree. I smile at her as I walk past the hall area and feel the comfortable morning sunshine on my left cheek and hear the crisp pages of today’s newspaper make a sound as my father gives it a brisk jerk to straighten it out. The smell of vegetables cooking tell me lunch is being prepared with the occasional whistles of the cooker that pulls me out of lazy yawns. While I see my grandmother taking out the tumbler and dabara for coffee as she sees me, I hear a very familiar tune of hymns that comes from grandparents room, and when I turn to my grandfather who is chanting them, he puts up his four fingers to his forehead as if saluting to say ‘good morning’ to me. I do the same and walk back to the hall with hot divine smelling filter coffee in hand. And the day starts. Just like most of the days of an year. Everything is just the way it has been….

Except that when I open my eyes I see nothing of what I just said. Its not my city. Its not that same smell in the house. Infact, its not the same house. Something has happened and I wonder who moved my home?

There are so many of us who have moved away from all the comforts that we took for granted in hopes of something better, a better future they say. As I look at the lives of those people I marvel every time at how powerful ‘change’ can be. Its like the waves that keep hitting the shore. With a rhythm of a tempo that neither stops nor ebbs. After what feels like a million waves the shore is adorned with pebbles, shells and what not. But the wave continues. It continues to smoothen the rocks that outwardly seem so hard and invincible. If it sounds so cruel, why do we take its course again and again. Because change is the only constant thing.

The very purpose of our being is to move forward from where we started. To take a step towards what might put us in a position where we have enough of what one needs, and much to share and spread joy. To reach that destination which many wish in their dreams we have to take paths and adorn scars that few consider. Remember, the crown always comes with thorns. If you are doing something different in your life today, and you feel a great deal of discomfort at it, then your are mostly heading towards something big and amazing. If you are enduring lot of pain and still have even the slightest urge to carry on, it is because thats what your heart yearns for. Listen to your heart speak to you. It might feel like driving through a hairpin bend at midnight with just the moonlight, with heart beating aloud but focus fixed on the road ahead. You dare not look back. You are going to reach the peak of the mountain and see the virgin beauty of nature from there.

To witness and experience all of these you need to embrace change at every corner, at every crossroad. Change does not come with prior intimation. They hug you from nowhere taking you by surprise all of a sudden. But so do miracles and good fortune. Its overwhelming, but nevertheless beautiful!

So, when you someone moves your home, know that its going to be a bitter sweet journey. But for sure the best one!


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